Race day registration

We arrived in Berlin really late on Friday night, and with a midnight serving of mystery meat goulash in my belly, my running roomie Rhalou and I were straight to bed for some zzzzzzzz's

Next day we headed out maps and stickers in hand, to collect our race numbers...
It was snowing - I was unprepared. I think it was because I'd spent the week before in Iceland, and was in denial that anywhere else would be cold, so packed a wardrobe better suited to Ibiza than Berlin. (Suitcase included 2 bikinis, flip flops - a post race essential which I stand by, and a chainmail mini dress) All met with much amusement by Rhalou.
Race day registration was held in this disused airport, and visitors have to walk to Gate 42 to access it. Half the exhibition was even held on the old runway! 

The Brandenburg Gate reimagined with runners in mind

With nervous grins fixed to our faces, we collected our race packs and headed for the fun part...
CARB LOADING! They say never to eat anything out of the ordinary in the lead up to a race. So I ordered the richest thing I could think of - Spaghetti Carbonara.
Two hours later and it was time to eat again (reasons I love running) This time with the lovely Team Bangs ladies. I ordered chips. Not your conventional carb loading. 
I get overcome with pre race nerves, so I find it quite calming to methodically lay out my kit for the following day.

Race ready run like 'elle requires...
Berlin Half Marathon race bag with race number attached
Sweaty Betty waterproof running jacket
Shock Absorber sports bra
Nike crop top
Crappy old t-shirt that I've had for years (and have since lost)
Nike Dri Fit running leggings
Sweaty Betty anti blister running socks
Nike Lunar Glide trainers with race chip attached
Flip flops - for when your post race feet are so fat you can't squeeze them in to shoes
Running sweets
Vaseline - do not under-estimate the importance of this
Berocca - one for luck
Rescue Remedy - possibly a placebo, but what the hell
iPhone arm case
iPhone & headphones
Nike GPS watch
Pace band
run like 'elle sticker
Run Dem Crew sticker
And so to bed, and guess what - I didn't sleep a wink!

run like 'elle in Berlin. x