Nike Training Club goes alfresco

Last week I was reunited with my long lost personal trainer Brian Cochrane. In addition to training me for the London Marathon back in April, Brian is also a Nike Master Trainer, and whilst I was training, I religiously attended his rigorous Nike Training Club classes.

Bri and I flexing some muscle
Now nike are celebrating the summer months and have taken Nike Training Club to the parks. You can currently attend the free 45 minute mixed ability session in either Hyde Park, Clapham Common or Regents Park. Or, if park life doesn't appeal to you, then there's the option of taking the class inside Nike Town.

I chose Regent's Park, and after a swift jog to meet the group - I was late (I blame it one the pre work-out glass of champagne) We caught up and got stuck in to the burpies, star jumps and Russian Twists a-plenty. I'd been thinking that I missed Brian, but after 10 minutes of gruelling challenges I quickly changed my mind (just joking Bri!)

Despite the rubber neck bystanders and grass stained knees, I found working out in the great outdoors to be really liberating - especially under the sun setting sky. And the work-out definitely did was it was supposed to, as I could barely lift my arms the next day!

Bri and Nike Natalie stretch out post workout
I'm definitely going back this week (Some might say I'm a glutton for punishment)

For more information on Nike Training Club visit: www.facebook.com/NikeTrainingClubUK