Running in Barcelona

Wow, apologies for my delayed reaction posting, but for the past few weeks I have been entirely consumed by moving house - a task I’d massively underestimated the scale of.
Anyway, two weeks ago I was in Barcelona to report from 080 Barcelona Fashion Week which was held in the incredibly School of Philosophy – part of the University of Barcelona.  An incredible building, which was so majestic it made me want to learn Spanish – and Philosophy – at once!

You can see ithe show venues here

The schedule was full with shows from morning till night, then a cocktail party or two to frequent, and invariably a nightclub (or many) to dance in until dawn. All in the name of research you see...?!
On Thursday morning - after dragging myself home in the early hours, I managed to drag myself out of bed and on to the streets to go for a quick run before another full day of shows. I was based in Plaça Catalunya – anyone who’s ever visited a Barcelona based tradeshow will know this part of town, and while it’s not the most picturesque part, it’s certainly spectacular – with columns and converted bull fighting rings dotted around.
A lot of my friends know Barcelona well and love it a lot, but every time I’ve visited it’s rained - a lot. This trip was no exception (though admittedly my photos don’t show that), but it’s a city that I always feel slightly defeated by, however many times I visit (probably because I have no sense of geography , so always get lost) and this run was no exception. 
 I decided to keep it simple as I was short on time – and energy, and yet I still managed to find myself on some obscure back steet - not even a pretty one, hence the lack of photos.
Anyway , next time I visit Barcelona I’m determined to have great weather , a great run, and not get lost!
 That said, I still had a lot of fun - and saw some beautiful clothes too. Especially the men's chambray tailoring by one of my favourite London designer Omar Kashoura. Sorry - couldn't resist!