The month of June

This summer has been BUSY. A lot of work and a bit of fun. June was a long time ago, but this happened...

Got a little patriotic for the Queen's Jubilee
Celebrated a street party
Primrose Hill pavement patriotism
Had a little party (wearing a crown of course) 
Got excited about the Olympics
Ate the best eggs in London. Butter baked eggs with sage mmmmm! (Leila's Shop, Calvert Avenue) 
London got sunny
So I flew to Florence
Enjoyed a little Aperol spritz under the setting sun
Then set to work at my favourite tradeshow, Pitti Uomo

I was covering the best menswear brands at the show, and as ever - saw some beautiful collections. I love menswear!
Swung by the Stone Island 30 year anniversary exhibition. 
It was an incredible archive exhibition, showing the brand's innovative work with materials throughout the years. I used to sell it at a store I worked in when I was 18, so I remember the styles - and the stories that accompanied them ;-)
Then it was time to eat la cena. This one was a bit of a mouth-full. 
An early morning bridge view
After three days of tradeshowing, we went to my favourite part of Pitti - the Valentino show at the majestic Pitti Palace
Another setting sun on a beautiful Florentine bridge. That was a happy moment. 
The Ponte Vecchio never fails to amaze
The it was time for the Peter Pilotto presentation. The invitation alone got me ready for a techno party
The models say run like 'elle
Then it was off the plane and straight back to my motherland, beautiful Somerset. 

You can just see Glastonbury Tor on the horizon #HappyVibes
A Somerset not-so-secret
Did a bit of babysitting for my best friend's cutie Aussie baby :-)

Happy summer ya'll. run like 'elle x