The art of running

Some people may already describe running as an art form, but now it really is - as Nike release the product of a collaboration with digital design agency Yes Yes No.

Running routes in New York, London and Tokyo were recorded and uploaded to the Nike+ website, and a year's worth of routes were programmed to create this video and the corresponding - almost anatomical images, which document and highlight the most popular routes.

Nike+ City Runs from yesyesno on Vimeo.

Nike also invited runners to record runs using the Nike+ GPS, and encouraged them to vary their speed and performace - thus creating a more dissipated recording. The runners' recorded steps were uploaded to specially designed software, which imported the metrics of their run, creating the highly stylised 'foot painting' images below.

Whilst undeniably dynamic, the images' painterly quality makes them appear quite soothing to me, and I think quite figurative too. I love the idea that what is essentially numerical data can be manipulated to create something that is equally valuable in a purely aesthetic capacity.

Innovative digital marketing. Nike smashed it again, as have Yes Yes No.

For more information visit www.yesyesno.com