Running in Riga

This week I’ve been in Riga, Latvia learning about The Global Party and the worthy work - and epic party that is to come in September. You can read more about it here

But since I’ve long been craving a run (it’s 27 days since I ran the marathon) I decided to pack my trainers and run in Riga.

We were lucky with the weather, and had perfect running conditions – bright sun, brisk breeze and blue skies, so I donned the lycra and headed out to discover some of the city.

Happy face

Happy feet
Though perhaps little known - Riga is actually really beautiful - with Renaissance, Art Nouveau and Communist architecture styles, all concentrated in a small space. Below are a few of sights I saw on my run. Obviously there was quite a lot see, and I was going at a pretty slow pace, but despite that it was really nice to get out and run, I know this sounds super corny, but running just makes me feel really free.

The national library building that been in the building process for 20 years!

Flamboyant Art Nouveau architecture
Pretty parks
Soldier boys
I love all the plaques painted on the side of this building
Contemporary architecture styles
Riga Marathon anyone?
Latvian and british flags flying outside our hotel
Sad and swollen sausage feet
Ever since the marathon my feet have been quite swollen and painful, as I damaged my metatarsals by training so intensely over such a short period of time. So since then I’ve been taking it easy/doing nothing at all, and waiting for my feet to heel.

Obviously when I’m not running they feel much better, and though they’re still sensitive I thought I was ready for a run – I was wrong. By the time I got back to the hotel my feet were bright red and completely swollen. You can see my sexy little sausage feet below!

Despite the mashed up feet, it was such a lovely way to see the city, and I’ve made a vow from now on – that whenever I travel I’m going to go for a run, however busy it may be. Even if you’re only out for 20 minutes, at least you get to discover the destination and you definitely notice things that you wouldn’t otherwise see.

I had fun in Riga. Thank you Latvia! x