Leave a Message by Nike 6.0

I've alway wanted to learn to surf, but leading a London-based life is not massively conducive to pulling a 360 on an A-Frame. (That's a surfing term, I think?!)

It's one of those skills that sits on my metal 'must do' list, and alas it hasn't been done yet. But I always watch those surfers bobbing in the water, waiting for that perfect wave, and feel a little envious - as though they've got the best game in the world and none of us land dwellers are allowed to play it. Plus the simple fact that girls who surf are the coolest (along with female drummers).

Just in case you want to try something new this summer, watch this new film by Nike 6.0 and get inspired

Directed by Jason Kenworthy, Leave a Message is a performance surf film that follows six women who have helped redefine the sport. It's really evocative, and definitely makes me want to give surfing a try. Now I just have to slot it in somewhere between becoming a yoga guru, learning to speak French (well), learning to dance like Beyonce and becoming to be a good photographer.

Visit nike6.com/​leaveamessage to download the film for free