Michelle Obama and Beyonce Knowles say Let's Move!

The First lady, Michelle Obama has enlisted the help of her friend, superstar Beyonce Knowles to star in a flash workout video to encourage American kids to lead more active lifestyles.
The song is an adaptation of Beyonce’s Get Me Bodied record and shows a seemingly ‘simple’ dance routine, which children all over the US performed live on May 3rd. Intrigued by the video I decided to give it a go, and I can assure you that the 10 steps are a lot harder than they appear! But it was fun, and the girls in the office and I were all laughing at our inability to keep up.

I remember being quite sporty when I was younger, but I abandoned it pretty soon after discovering boys and other such vices. It seems sad to me now, especially as I’ve rediscovered it recently, so I really hope this video makes its intended impact and gets children out and about. Even if it does take a scantily clad popstar to motivate them! (Also, not sure about Miss B’s high heels combo – your thoughts?)

Move Your Body is part of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, which offers advice on children’s basic dietary and nutritional requirements, and promotes a more responsible lifestyle.

For more information visit www.letsmove.gov