A pain the knee

Last night I did my first run in an embarrassingly long time. Aside from a quick jog in Palm Springs, I haven’t run since I completed the Run to the Beat ½ marathon in September! I’m not proud of the fact, but when you’re working to deadlines and getting up at 6am then writing until midnight – or later, there’s not much time (or energy) for running.

Anyway, that was pre holiday and after two weeks of gorging US style I came back a lot less lean, and so both my body and my brain were crying out for a run.

Yesterday I returned to my beloved Run Dem Crew and was looking forward to getting back to it, even though I always seem to develop a weird fear of running when I’ve been away from it for a while. Anyway, my ever-sporty friends managed to coax me in to the Greyhounds group, which is pretty nippy, and reluctant as I was, I joined them.

We tried a new route last night, which took us out of the East End and in to the very familiar streets of North London. As we were running up Upper Street I could feel my knees aching, but I was working so hard to keep up with the group that I ignored it. We stopped at the traffic lights on Highbury Corner and my knees suddenly buckled. I’ve never had anything like that before, but I could barely bend them, and the pain was intense. Kind Ant – a fellow Run Dem-mer stayed back with me and helped me hobble down the road whilst repeatedly refusing the help of a taxi.

After a while I tried running again and it OK until we had to pause at another set of traffic lights, and then my knees did the same thing again!

I made it back to RDC HQ then hobbled on to the tube, and by the time I’d made it to the other end I was close to tears. (The journey which usually takes me 20 minutes, had taken over an hour).

I got home and by then both knees had completed ceased up. I tried showering icy water on them, but when the heating in your house is broken, the very last thing you want is further cold! So I tried a hot water bottle instead, and lay in bed like a Lego man.

Today they feel a little better, but needless to say – this time I’ve learnt my lesson. I MUST warm up properly and I MUST ease myself in to exercise, rather than running full pelt.

So, I’m back in the game – albeit with a handicapped start. More to follow folks! x